Fighting Legend Floyd Mayweather Becomes a Proud Sponsor of the Company Aiming to Flip the $814B Tobacco Industry on its Head!

Sponsored Content By: Taat Global Alternatives Inc.
9:32 6/4/2021

Imagine an American Cigarette WITHOUT the Dangerous Nicotine and Tobacco...

Ex-executives from the biggest tobacco companies in the world left “Big Tobacco” in order to launch a new brand of cigarettes...

A new brand that could soon dominate the $814B tobacco sector...

Blockbuster Mayweather vs Paul Boxing Match Provided Global Exposure for TAAT™, Driving New Engagement and E-Commerce Activity

(Released June 8, 2021)

Latest Press Release

With over 1+ billion smokers across the globe and most of them looking to quit, Taat Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) has created TAAT cigarettes, a game-changing product that contains NO tobacco or nicotine, but still give smokers a similar experience.

Currently offered in “Original”, “Smooth”, and “Menthol” varieties, TAAT cigarettes have recently launched in the United States for legal-aged smokers in Ohio!

Ohio may be just the start of many more states wanting to distribute the company's revolutionary cigarette!

The company is now also entering the Canadian and U.K. markets which could be the beginning of a major global expansion!

TAAT™ has entered into a memorandum of understanding dated February 24, 2021 with Christina Lake Cannabis Corp. (“CLC”) (CSE: CLC) to develop and distribute TAAT™ for the Canadian market on an exclusive basis for a two-year renewable term!

The company has also received a purchase order for €100,000 from a wholesaler in London, England who will be the exclusive distributor of taat™ in the United Kingdom and Ireland...

According to Statista, in 2020, the tobacco market in the United Kingdom is a beast and is valued at approximately £18 billion or about C$30 billion annually!

One of the most exciting opportunities has happened for the company to gain some incredible exposure!

TAAT has Sponsored the Team of World Champion Boxer Floyd Mayweather for the June 6th 2021 Fight Against Logan Paul!

Taat Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) has secured a high- profile sponsorship arrangement with Mayweather and his ringside entourage for Mr. Mayweather’s highly anticipated boxing match against Logan Paul on Sunday, June 6, 2021 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida!


This sponsorship of Mr. Mayweather’s team will place the TAAT™ brand in front of the LARGEST AUDIENCE of an event for which the Company has been a sponsor to date!

TAAT™ Sponsors Team of World Champion Boxer Floyd Mayweather for June 6, 2021 Fight Against Logan Paul

(Released June 1, 2021)

Latest Press Release

More Reasons to Have Taat Global Alternatives Inc. on Your Radar:

  1. Key players from leading tobacco companies are leading the company's mission to compete and build market share in the tobacco industry including: Setti Coscarella (CEO): Former lead strategist for Philip Morris International, who led transformative initiatives for reduced- risk products (“RRP”) in Canada and Tim Corkcum (CRO): Former executive with 20+ years working for PMI throughout North America including in Canada, Curacao, and the Dominican Republic.
  2. It was only last summer that the company became publicly traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE: TAAT)! This is all still very recent and the company's story is still unfolding...
  3. TAAT™ has launched in Ohio, with product on shelves as of December 2020! After launching a digital marketing campaign in October 2020, nearly one third of visitors to the TryTAAT™ landing page requested a sample by mail signifying that there is indeed a market for the company's cigarettes. Many more U.S. states could be next...
  4. After menthol tobacco cigarettes were officially banned in the United Kingdom on May 20, 2020, a market opportunity has emerged among legal-aged smokers in this market who prefer menthol, which could represent an opportunity for TOBAF to gain tremendous market share! This could be just the beginning of more international endeavors...
  5. Based on the sustained success of TAAT™ in Ohio and on line,the Company has elected to pursue a potential expansion into the Canadian tobacco industry, which is valued at approximately CAD $19.1 billion!
  6. TAAT’s target market is current legal aged smokers and is focusing especially on the large U.S. market. In volume terms, over 215 billion cigarettes were sold to 34 million adults in the U.S. in 2018!
  7. Crossmark, Inc. is TAAT’s distributor and considered the biggest and best in the U.S. This may lead to TAAT’s products having points of sale in the 100,000+ U.S. convenience stores serviced by Crossmark who serves retail channels across North America as well as Canada. Crossmark was a major driving force for JUUL, helping to lead the company to a buyout from Altria for $38 billion!
  8. Historically, sports such as boxing have been highly effective as a promotional channel for tobacco brands. In the mid-1900s, elite professional boxers such as Joe Louis and “Sugar” Ray Robinson endorsed the Chesterfield brand of cigarettes (currently owned by Altria) in print advertisements. TAAT has secured fighting champion Floyd Mayweather!

Keep on reading to find out more about Taat Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) and the company's exciting non-tobacco product that could soon dominate the smoking market!


Greetings Traders,

Millions of people want to quit smoking which has created a lucrative market opportunity.

Many traditional tobacco companies are too busy focusing their efforts on less harmful forms of tobacco to keep the tobacco industry thriving.

Taat Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) is instead targeting in on that huge market that wants to leave nicotine and tobacco completely behind!

The company has created a patent-pending refinement technique or the base material of its TAAT cigarettes called Beyond Tobacco™.

Beyond Tobacco™ has similar properties to actual tobacco such as the volume of smoke and “crackling” sound resulting from combustion, as well as a tobacco-like taste and smell.

But there is NO tobacco or nicotine...

Smokers get the same enjoyable smoking experience as they would with tobacco, but without the harmful effects.

TAAT cigarettes are aiming to turn the tobacco industry upside down and give big tobacco companies a major run for their money!

Learn why Taat Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) may be one of the most exciting companies to be watching in 2021!

Taat Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT)'s foremost objective is to build Beyond Tobacco™ into an iconic and recognizable American consumer brand.

Upon achieving this, it is TAAT’s intent to embark on expansions into new markets both within the United States and potentially internationally.

Tobacco and nicotine are often the hardest 'vice' to quit and the most common addiction in the United States. Fortunately, nearly 70 percent of the people who smoke say they want to quit.

This substantial market is what could help Taat Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) turn TAAT into the next household name in cigarettes across the world!

Especially with a seasoned ex-tobacco executive leading the way...

From big tobacco to Beyond Tobacco™, ex-Philip Morris lead strategist Setti Coscarella is now Taat Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT)'s Chief Executive Officer!


Mr. Coscarella brings a wealth of knowledge across a variety of disciplines to TAAT™. Building upon experience in investment banking, private equity, and entrepreneurship, he moved to the world of tobacco at Philip Morris International (“PMI”) in 2017 where he was a lead strategist for its Reduced-Risk Products (“RRP”) division.

While at PMI, Coscarella worked with thousands of individual smokers to better understand how to position smoking alternatives to them and developed programs that could help smokers discover and successfully convert to RRPs.

The Company believes that Coscarella’s experience with RRPs is especially relevant to Beyond Tobacco™ given their substantially similar target markets!

Coscarella found it a fundamental objective to understand the likes and dislikes of tobacco smokers!

This understanding was then used to shape a consumer journey from combustible tobacco cigarettes to smokeless products.

While the tobacco industry has relied on the delivery of nicotine without combustion as the central value proposition of smokeless products, Mr. Coscarella believes the combustible format and corresponding ritual are crucial to gaining product adoption and preventing abandonment.

Many smokers have various triggers that give them the urge to smoke. This is one reason why some smokers say they find it hard to quit.

TAAT cigarettes are allowing prospective tobacco quitters to KEEP their ritual all while reducing the dependency upon addictive substances!

Taat Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) is positioned to capture a massive market share of the tobacco industry with the launch of nicotine and tobacco free TAAT cigarettes in “Original," "Smooth," and “Menthol” varieties!

By offering legal aged smokers the choice to continue the experiences they enjoy while leaving nicotine behind, Taat Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) is positioning TAAT™ as a direct competitor to leading brands of tobacco cigarettes!

With TAAT, smokers get to feel like they are smoking a real tobacco cigarette but WITHOUT actual tobacco.

Those who smoke cigarettes do not do it because of the nicotine alone. It is also about the rituals, moments and experiences associated with smoking a cigarette.


TAAT cigarettes mimic those experiences without nicotine or tobacco and offers smokers the choice to reduce their nicotine in-take without compromising their smoking experience!

Between the tobacco-like taste and smell of the Beyond Tobacco™ base material, the sight of smoke, the "crackling" sound of TAAT burning, and the physical sensations of inhaling and exhaling as well as flicking ashes, no detail has been overlooked in creating a satisfying experience for smokers.

The Experience

The TAAT Beyond Tobacco™ experience is engineered to closely replicate each and every sensory element of smoking a tobacco cigarette.

California and Nevada market testing of TAAT Beyond Tobacco™ bore out these claims, providing a general consensus that TAAT Beyond Tobacco™ had NO significant experiential differences when compared to tobacco cigarettes.

What is Beyond Tobacco™?

Instead of tobacco, the base material of TAAT™ is a proprietary blend called Beyond Tobacco™, which is produced using a 14-step process to include a patent-pending refinement technique to create a taste and smell just like actual tobacco.

Competitive Advantages

Current cigarette alternatives do not offer a comparable experience and many smokers were unable to adapt to vaping as the experience was too different from a traditional cigarette.


As of 9:00 am EST on Wednesday February 17, 2021, smokers aged 21+ in eligible states were able to purchase cartons of TAAT™ Original, Smooth, and Menthol online through the Company’s e-commerce portal, which accepts payment methods to include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards!

Orders of USD $80 or more qualify for free shipping to any eligible state.

The Company has a targeted online advertising campaign to attract traffic to the TAAT™ online store. These online advertisements are positioned as embedded promotional content on a given website, referred to as “native advertisements” in digital marketing terminology, and are targeted towards smokers aged 21+ in the United States.

Taat Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) had also has procured a 60-day video advertisement slot across a network of gasoline pump displays consisting of 10,442 screens across 1,087 chain and independent gas stations in Ohio. That began on Monday January 25, 2021.

“February has been a very productive month for us here at TAAT™. In addition to launching our e-commerce portal and selling over CAD $50,000 worth of TAAT™ in 48 hours, we also secured our engagement with a major CPG sales agency, landed our first mainstream nationwide media coverage in Forbes, and boosted our manufacturing rate by 233%. All of our initiatives for bringing TAAT™ to market in the United States are strategically coordinated, and I believe that e-commerce plays a significant role in providing us the opportunity to sell TAAT™ to smokers aged 21+ all across the United States while complementing our Ohio retail activities and a nationwide rollout with the CPG sales agency set to begin next week.”

—  TAAT™ Chief Executive Officer Setti Coscarella

Taat Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) has announced strong sales performance following the launch of its e- commerce portal earlier this year!

In addition to the launch of the TAAT™ online store, the Company has continued to add new retail points of sale for TAAT™ in the state of Ohio, with significant increases in areas to include Cincinnati (population 301,000) and Columbus (population 878,000).

Additionally, nationwide campaigns led by a consumer packaged goods (“CPG”) sales agency who directly services over 100,000 convenience stores in the United States will run concurrently with marketing efforts for the TAAT™ online store.

  • Orders placed through the TAAT™ online store had shipping addresses in 20 different U.S. states, with an average order value of approximately USD $57.00 and an average order size of 1.7 cartons.
  • The largest order placed through the TAAT™ online store was valued at more than USD $3,500 inclusive of sales tax.
  • Between Wednesday February 17, 2021 and Thursday February 18, 2021 a total of 5,492 new users visited the TAAT™ online store, generating a total of 36,830 page views, 9,972 sessions, and an average session duration of two minutes and 53 seconds.

In February an article profiling the Company was published by Forbes, marking the first national mainstream media coverage of TAAT™ in the United States!

The article goes into detail about the value proposition of TAAT™ as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes due to its inherently non-addictive properties.

As differentiation points of TAAT™ among other tobacco-free cigarettes on the market, CEO Mr. Coscarella explains the importance of a tobacco-like taste as well as a competitive price point, which the Company has attained by offering TAAT™ to legal-aged smokers in Ohio for USD $3.99 per pack, compared to approximately USD $7.00 per pack for Marlboro.

A a merchandising tactic, Mr. Coscarella also explains the strategy behind positioning TAAT™ as a tobacco category product to appeal to legal-aged smokers who could prefer a familiar product format. This practice is likened to producers of plant-based meat analogues whose products are placed in meat sections of supermarkets, to similarly appeal to consumers of meat whose interest may be captured by a product format they already enjoy.

“It is very fulfilling to see so many things falling into place. In 2021 alone, we have had impressive sell-out and reorder rates of TAAT™, submitted international trademark applications in over 50 countries, launched a statewide digital out-of- home promotional campaign in Ohio, and finalized our partnership with a prestigious CPG sales agency that directly services more than 100,000 convenience stores in the United States. Obtaining coverage of TAAT™ in a national mainstream news outlet such as Forbes is also a tremendous milestone, because it demonstrates positive reception and validation of TAAT™ as a company that is gaining momentum in the USD $814 billion tobacco industry.”

—  TAAT™ Chief Executive Officer Setti Coscarella

The company's flagship product TAAT™ is now being manufactured at a rate of more than 57,000 ten-pack cartons per month (over 690,000 cartons per year)!

What's Next for the Company?

Taat Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) has announced an agreement with Texas-based CPG sales agency CROSSMARK on February 2, 2021.

CROSSMARK began its early-stage initiatives to bring TAAT™ to new points of sale in Ohio earlier this year with an objective of complementing the product’s existing presence in the state.

So far, more than three quarters of Ohio retail accounts approached by CROSSMARK have stated their interest in carrying TAAT™.

In Q2 2021, CROSSMARK will be servicing more than 7,000 convenience stores in Ohio!

CROSSMARK, which directly services over 100,000 convenience stores across the United States, has proven successful in bringing a wide range of CPG products to mainstream retail channels including an e-cigarette product that achieved dominant market share in that subset of the tobacco category.

This commencement of CROSSMARK’s initiatives coincides with the February 17, 2021 launch of the TAAT™ e-commerce portal, which made TAAT™ Original, Smooth, and Menthol available to the majority of current smokers aged 21+ in the United States.

After launching TAAT™ in Ohio in Q4 2020 as well as its U.S. online store on February 17, 2021, the Company has captured the interest of numerous smokers aged 21+ in the United States who are now smoking TAAT™ as opposed to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The Company selected Ohio as its initial market for several strategic reasons, with a principal criteria being the state’s ideal population size for an early-stage product launch (i.e., large enough to build meaningful market share, small enough to contain).

The Retail Opportunity

Cigarettes represented 28.6% of all in-store sales of convenience stores in 2017, however these sales have been declining and store owners are looking to new products to replace lost revenue.

This presents opportunity for high margin (30% to 50% gross) vs. typical 2% to 4% for tobacco products.

Taat Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) will create an online presence and additional distribution through an e-Commerce function on the Company’s website and will also sell its products on Amazon, the world’s largest marketplace!

Large-scale In-House Production

Beyond Tobacco™ base material for TAAT, its flagship product, is now being produced at a rate of approximately 600 lb / 272 kg per day, a quantity that is sufficient to produce approximately one full 1,440-carton pallet of Taat.

The company's Las Vegas, NV processing facility can produce up to 1,200 lb / 544 kg of Beyond Tobacco™ per day!

Having already reached 50% of its in-house production capacity for Beyond Tobacco™ even before launching Taat, the Company has ordered upgraded machinery to accommodate forecasted increases in demand following the debut of Taat in the United States.

The machinery is expected to increase production bandwidth to as much as 2,400 lb / 1,088 kg per day!

In addition to current interest in Taat from tobacco wholesalers and retailers in Ohio, nearly one third of unique visitors to the Company’s TryTaat landing page ( have requested Taat product samples.

The Company’s Las Vegas, NV processing facility had been in operation for 16 hours per day every day including weekends to prepare a sufficient supply of Beyond Tobacco™ to meet anticipated demand of the Ohio launch.

Under executive leadership with "Big Tobacco" pedigree, the company could capture major attention as the company seeks to position itself at the forefront of the $814B global tobacco industry!

Other Big Tobacco veterans to join the company include Tim Corkum, who spent more than 20 years working for Philip Morris in the Caribbean and in Canada!

Corkum has been appointed the Chief Revenue Officer of the company. He is a recognized industry leader in the commercialization of cigarette products as well as Reduced Risk Products.

“Having personally witnessed and analyzed exactly what prevents smokers from sticking with alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes, I firmly believe that Beyond Tobacco™ cigarettes can be an exception to that trend. Beyond Tobacco™ cigarettes are unique because of their combustible ‘stick’ format, which I anticipate will be very attractive to smokers who desire the familiar user experience of a combustible cigarette, but without any nicotine or tobacco. After spending more than two decades learning about adult tobacco consumer behavior, it has become clear to me that while nicotine is inherently addictive, the ‘ritual’ of smoking a cigarette is a source of comfort for many smokers, which is something that most other tobacco alternatives have been struggling to replicate.”

—  Tim Corkum

Michael Saxon, the former Growth Strategist for big tobacco companies Altria and Philip Morris International has also joined the company’s Advisory Board!

Saxon is a Big Tobacco player who has held executive roles with two “Big Tobacco” firms in the United States, Europe, and Asia. He will advise Taat’s management in shaping the Company’s go-to-market and expansion strategies as it launches Beyond Tobacco™ in the United States in mid-Q4 2020.

Saxon has led business units with full profit and loss (P&L) responsibility ranging from USD $100 million to USD $3 billion while operating in different regulatory systems and successfully influencing government policy. His career reflects a demonstrated history of setting record income and market share results in a wide range of market conditions and succeeding in various go-to-market models including wholesale, distributor, and DSD.

“Offering current tobacco smokers of legal age an alternative to leave nicotine behind is an intriguing concept, and Taat’s team has developed a solution to do just that. I look forward to working with Mr. Coscarella and Mr. Corkum to diligently plan and execute the Beyond Tobacco™ product launch to swiftly capture market share and build momentum that can be replicated in new markets.”

—  Michael Saxon

Dr. Cindy Orser, a highly accomplished and renowned scientist, entrepreneur, and academic with more than 20 patents1 and 65 peer-reviewed publications cited over 2,000 times, has been added to the company’s board of advisors!

Previously a tenured professor at the University of Idaho, Cindy holds more than 20 patents and has 65 peer-reviewed publications with over 2,000 citations. In her career in industry, Cindy has held executive scientist roles at biotechnology and analytical diagnostic companies that have been contractors for federal agencies in the United States including the United States Department of Agriculture, the Department of Homeland Security, and three institutes of the National Institutes of Health.

“There is substantial untapped potential with a product such as Taat and its Beyond Tobacco™ base material, and I look forward to working with the Company towards maximizing that potential. In the course of the work that I have done in this space, I am yet to see an approach quite like the one Taat has taken to creating a plant-based and nicotine-free alternative to tobacco which could be appealing to current smokers based on flavor similarity.”

—  Dr. Orser

The Bottom Line

While many of the world’s 1.3 billion tobacco users actively seek alternatives to tobacco cigarettes, virtually ALL mass-market alternatives contain nicotine.

As a result, users of such alternatives often revert to tobacco cigarettes to satisfy their desire for the various sensory elements of the cigarette-smoking “ritual.”

TAAT cigarettes contain a proprietary blend of tobacco flavoring which imparts the taste and scent of tobacco, and have been meticulously engineered to imitate various aspects of the cigarette-smoking experience.

Taat Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) believes this similarity, along with the absence of tobacco and nicotine, can result in strong user retention for long- term positive change!

Leading sales and merchandising agency for CPG products, Crossmark Inc., is presently working with the Company to begin securing widespread on-shelf retail availability of TAAT™ products for purchase by legal-aged smokers, which could include points of sale in the 100,000+ U.S. convenience stores serviced by CROSSMARK!

The fact that Mike Saxon, a former Growth strategist for Altria, has joined TAAT’s advisory board may scream in volumes about what the future may bring...

Remember, Crossmark was a major driving force in tobacco brand JUUL getting a whopping $38 billion buyout from Altria....

“One only has to look at the results CROSSMARK achieved in commercializing another tobacco brand across the United States to know that they have both the experience and know-how to launch a product to an audience of legal-aged smokers...”

—  CEO Setti Coscarella

Taat Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) may soon be on its way to becoming a recognized brand across the globe and with Floyd Mayweather proudly representing the company... attention on the company could start pouring in!

Hurry and start your research!

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